Book Review: The Room on Rue Amelie

It seems like there has been a rising popularity of books set during World War II. I think there are a number of reasons for that, particularly the fact that it was a war with a clear, evil enemy. But it was also a time that required some extreme sacrifice on the part of many... Continue Reading →


A Tangled Mercy by Joy Jordan-Lake

I knew that A Tangled Mercy was my kind of book when I read the description and found out that it was a dual timeline story. I love dual timeline stories and seeing how the past influences modern life. We are the product of our history and I love how fiction can make that connection... Continue Reading →

Goodbyes and the Ex-pat Life

Spoiler Alert **If you haven't finished A Breath of Snow and Ashes by Diana Gabaldon, some things may be spoiled!** When I say "Goodbyes" I am thinking most especially of the "goodbyes" that we see before someone must travel through time.  It was at the end of ABOSAA that it first really hit me how... Continue Reading →

The Calling of Roger Mac

The main reason I decided to start a blog is because I wanted to be able to share my thoughts about the books that I love to read.  This is mainly because of Diana Gabaldon's A Breath of Snow and Ashes.  That book really took the series to yet another level of brilliance and depth. ... Continue Reading →

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